About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best comfort and care to consumers by using technologically advanced products that aid in reducing friction.

The consisten result is comfort for the foot. Foot motion during sports or other intense activity often causes annoying or even disabling friction wounds. In the past medical and scientific professionals have independently tried to address the problem.

Product History

How did the tea of the "Two Toms" get together to develope this relovutionary product?

Both Tom Lewis and Tom Judd are avid hikers with business schedules, so they agreed to meet for a hike up Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire. At their first meeting, Tomn L. eagerly popped open the trunk of his car and offered some of his miracle foot powder to Tom J. Tom J. reluctantly gave it a try and was hooked!

This powder was going to be his next Curtis.... but how to convince Gretchen, his wife. Tom continued using the powder and convinced Gretchen and some of their hiking friends to give it a try. Unexpectedly Tom J. discovered that besides reducing the effects of friction on their feet, the powder left him and Gretchen feeling less fatigued at the end of a long day of hiking or walking.

Tom Lewis is an extreme athlete, a research scientis with a PhD in surface chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of several hiking manuals. A few years ago while running the famed "Seven Sisters" trail race, 12 miles and 5100 feet up and down the slopws of Mount Holyoke, "Tom L." developed serious blisters on both feet and was experiencing severe pain. While he managed an impressive 6th place finish, he felt he had lost at least two positions because of the blisters and pain.

Immediately following the race Tom L began his research to find a solution to the blister/friction problem. After years of development and trials, BLISTERSHIELD MIRACLE POWDER was ready for the market. The mising piece was a partner with the business background and financial resources to make the project successful. Tom L put the question to several of his friends, one of whom suggested he meet Tom Judd.

The Two Toms team came together to tackle the issue, with dramatic results. The solution is our products - BLISTERSHIELD MIRACLE POWDER effectively controls problems like blisters, excess heat and pressure irritation.

We are proud of our other outstanding products that will bring comfort to your feet and enjoyment to your day!

* SPORTSHIELD ROLL-ON - Eases the pain from Rubbing, Chafing and Blisters

* BUTTSHIELD - Yes the ORIGINAL and the ONE and ONLY BUTTSHIELD. This product can bring to you comfort and deliver that urgent relief you are seeking from friction burns, saddle sores, butt rashes, this amazing product is the answer to your COMFORT, try it today!