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"Running Times" Editor speaks about BlisterShield

I wanted to let you know that I used Two Toms on several long runs and during a 28 mile trail race last Sat., and it is the best -- in fact, only -- products I've ever used for blister prevention. I can't stand vaseline or the equivalent on my feet and usually just expect to get blisters... sometimes disastrously. Your product disappears immediately -- you don't know that you put it in the socks -- doesn't create slippage in the shoe, and seems to keep working despite repeated dunkings in knee-deep rivers during the race... I emerged with fewer blisters (zero, in fact) than I normally ge ton a dry road marathon. Oh, and I placed 2nd. Thanks!

Jonathan Beverly
Editor in Chief, Running Times


Goggins comes in an amazing second place in the ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS RACE IN Hawaii - November 2006

"... With the help of your products, I no longer have to think about pain from blistering or chafing. Being a muscular runner, I used to have a lot of problems with chafing, especially under my arms - No More! I applied Sports and BlisterShield only once before a 135 mile race in 120 plus degrees, and had no problems whatsoever. This stuff is amazing! Your body lubes are at the top of my race preparation list.
Thanks for your world class products!"

David Goggins
Ultra Endurance Athlete
2nd Place finisher, 2006 ULTRAMAN World Championships
David Goggins
Navy Seal


Protection for Marathons & Ironman Races

I have shared your products with many athletes who have started using your product. It is great to have in their socks/shoes for protection and works wonderfully in triatholongs for socks and shoes out of the water to the bike. I coach for a local group and have my own coaching group go3sports on the side. Thank you! Love your products and have used it for marathons and ironman races!

Gayle Mortola - Garland, TX